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Air Cargo UK to Qatar

Air Cargo UK to Qatar

Air Cargo from UK to Qatar

Air Cargo UK to Qatar 2024

Airfreight being defined as the medium for transporting goods via aircraft between countries is one of the quickest modes of transport which is mainly used for goods of more sensitivity and value.

The air cargo transit time is often the shortest among other modes of transport in the logistics field. Although it might not be the most cost-effective option of moving goods, but there are situations when a trader would better off to choose the airfreight mode in terms of timely reaching the destination market.

Milky Way Logistics of London provides professional freight solutions for shipments from UK to Worldwide destinations. Our Air cargo services covers all size of export from UK to Worldwide destinations including Qatar. This would mainly be from London Heathrow or Manchester airport to almost all major airports in the World. We work with major airlines who cover UK airports and there are daily flights for many destinations and to Qatar as well.

There are services for both small shipments and large ones. If a shipment’s height is of up to 160 cm it could easily be shipped on a passenger flight however we always check the destination as there might me terms and conditions for different airlines or different destinations. If the height of a shipment is above 160cm then the available option of airfreight would be by cargo aircrafts.

The acceptable goods include commercial, personal, food, dangerous goods, cars, equipment’s, etc. For any DG shipments, providing an MSDS would be a requirement.

The packaging for goods being shipped by airfreight mode must meet the requirement of the airlines.

For any enquires for airfreight from UK to Qatar and Air Cargo UK to Qatar or other Worldwide destinations whether it is for an import or export; please contact Milky Way Logistics at [email protected] and our expert team will help you through the whole process.







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Latest News by DEFRA

Latest News by DEFRA

Latest News by DEFRA

ve from 11pm on 12 April, and you must follow the processes depending on the business you conduct. Full imports and exports guidance is available on GOV.UK but the key updates you need to be aware of are summarised below.

Imports from third (non-EU) countries

There are no changes to the guidance we have provided for non-EU imports. These imports will still need to be notified through IPAFFS, our UK import notification system.

Imports from EU countries

In order to minimise disruption, the UK has been granted continued access TRACES, the EU’s import notification system. This access is for some EU imports only. The commodities this affects include live animals, germinal products, certain animal products and animal by-products imported to the UK from the EU. We will have access to the same or equivalent information on TRACES for these consignments that we do now.

We will retain access to TRACES until later this year. This means that you should continue with the current processes for notifying authorities and raising the required certification on TRACES including:

  • UK importer completing the import notification form, IV66, and sending to APHA (other notification processes exist for imports overseen by DAERA (NI imports) and Fish Health Inspectorate)
  • EU exporter or appointed EU OV completing any required documentation on TRACES (e.g. ITAHC or DOCOM).

The consignment can travel to the UK without border inspection.



The UK’s listed status application has been agreed by EU Member States after it met the animal health and biosecurity assurances required for a third country to export live animals and animal products.

There are no changes to the guidance for exporters. To export animals and animal products to the EU your consignment will need to:

  • Apply for your EHC using the form finder
  • Have your Export Health Certificate (EHC) signed by an authorised signatory following an inspection of your consignment. Find an authorised signatory here
  • Send your consignment with the original EHC, and email a copy to your EU importer or import agent to enable them to pre-notify the EU Border Inspection Post (BIP)
  • Check your trade route goes to an EU BIP which is appropriate for your consignment.
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UK’s Preparedness for Brexit in the Event of a “No Deal” Scenario

UK’s preparedness for Brexit in the event of a “No Deal” scenario

UK’s Preparedness for Brexit in the Event of a “No Deal” Scenario


1. Entry Summary Declarations  (also known as Safety and Security)

  • The following article outlines plans to phase in Entry Summary Declarations if the UK leaves the EU without a deal:
  • Please also refer to the attached HMRC Customs Transformation Technical Readiness Meeting slide deck (held on 13 February 2019) which outlines the main technical changes to IT systems if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

2. Roll on-Roll off

  • The roll-on, roll-off (ro-ro) information pack developed by HMRC was circulated on Friday 22ndMarch 2019. This explains the steps different users of ro-ro locations will need to take in order to continue to move goods via these routes in a no deal scenario. It includes ro-ro stakeholder information, a fact sheet and visual process flows to explain and show the user journeys for imports and exports. This will be shared with industry via GOV.UKshortly. If you have any questions, please contact us by email at:[email protected]
  • Please also refer to the attached HMRC Customs Transformation Technical Readiness Meeting slide deck (held on 13 February 2019) which outlines the main technical changes to IT systems if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

3. Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP)

  • Information on how to submit declarations if importing from the EU into the UK using transitional simplified procedures can be found at:
  •  or the latest information on additional arrangements for traders to use Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP) which will make importing easier, please visit:

4.  Parcels (consignments worth £135 or less)

  • Information on import value added tax (VAT) on parcels for sellers outside the UK that sell goods to UK buyers, if the UK leaves the EU with no deal:
  • Further to our email sent 14 February 2019, the Parcels Communications Toolkit to raise awareness of these changes to import VAT rules for parcels has been made available onGOV.UK. An updated version of this toolkit will be shared with you shortly.
  • Please also refer to the attached HMRC Customs Transformation Technical Readiness Meeting slide deck (held on 13 February 2019) which outlines the main technical changes to IT systems if the UK leaves the EU with no deal.

5. Excise

  •  For the latest information on moving and declaring excise goods visit:
  • Please also refer to the attached HMRC Customs Transformation Technical Readiness Meeting slide deck (held on 13 February 2019) which outlines the main technical changes to IT systems if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

6. Import VAT Postponed Accounting

  • The latest guidance on import VAT procedures if the UK leaves the EU without a deal can be found at:
  •  Please also refer to the attached HMRC Customs Transformation Technical Readiness Meeting slide deck (held on 13 February 2019) which outlines the main technical changes to IT systems if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

7.  Merchandise in Baggage (MiB)

  • For guidance on bringing merchandise from or to the UK in baggage or small motor vehicle, if the UK leaves the EU without a deal:

8. Northern Ireland


Please note that GOV.UK will now replace the Partnership Pack as the single source of up to date information. You should refer to the current guidance and information on preparing your business for the UK leaving the EU and visit theEU Exit Portal for further information. Visitors can filter the content dependant on their business requirements.

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BREXIT UPDATES as of 28/03/2019

BREXIT UPDATES as of 28/03/2019

HM Government have issued the following guidance relative to a D1ND Brexit, which we are distributing for information


The date the UK leaves the EU in a No-Deal scenario has changed to 12 April. All previous guidance for EU and third country imports, including when to use TRACES and IPAFFS, remains applicable for the new No-Deal EU exit date. Please check GOV.UK at for the latest updates.

The Department thanks those businesses which have already registered for the Import of Products, Animals, Food and Feed System (IPAFFS) to import from third countries on EU exit Day 1. If affected traders haven’t registered already, we would suggest that you do so now to ensure you are able to notify of third country consignments coming into the UK from 11pm on 12 April. There is guidance on registration and raising notifications available

Please note our team will be conducting planned improvements to IPAFFS from 12pm Thursday 28 March to 8am Monday 1 April. You will experience a limited service while these further improvements are made, so we recommend not accessing the system during this time.

This email is part of a regular communication to prepare you for a Day 1 No-Deal scenario as a UK importer of animals, animal products and high-risk food and feed. We will continue to keep you informed but if you do have any non-technical questions you can email the team at [email protected]. 

Export Control Organisation

Further to the earlier bulletin released earlier this week, please note, as stated in the relevant Open General Licence (export of dual use items to EU member states), it will come into force at 11pm on 12 April 2019 if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.  The full text of the information can be viewed at

For general export control queries please contact our Helpline on 020 7215 4594 or [email protected]


HMRC have issued further information relative to the VAT changes that will apply to parcels valued at under £135.00, further information can be found at

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal on 12 April 2019, the UK import VAT rules will change for goods sold to UK buyers that are sent in parcels worth £135 or less.   When the value for all goods in the parcel is £135 or less, sellers outside the UK must pay the UK import VAT for any parcels sent to UK buyers after 11pm GMT on 12 April. Sellers outside the UK include those in the EU, outside the EU, and the Channel Islands. This will include any goods worth £15 or less as they will no longer be eligible for the existing tax relief.

HMRC’s new, online parcel registration service is open and overseas businesses can register now and get their parcels reference so they are ready in case of no deal.

More information can be found at  GOV.UK.

Department for Transport

Good news, DfT have confirmed that the European Council has agreed the contingency proposal which will allow UK hauliers transport goods between the UK and the EU (and Norway) using UK operator licences for the rest of 2019 (without the need for ECMT permits).

There will be some new limitations on cross-border EU trade (Member State to Member State) and cabotage (for the first few months of a “no deal” the limit is 2 trips within 7 days after an unloaded international journey, for the following 3 month only 1 trip will be allowed within 7 days).

This will be from the Brexit date, which is currently set for 11pm on the 12th April.  ECMT permits will be required for deliveries/collections to 3rd countries but will not be required for a truck transiting through a 3rd country. e.g.  transiting Switzerland for Italy.   In cases where extra cross-border operations over and above what the new EU rules allow, ECMT permits may be used. Operators do need to be aware that ECMT is itself restricted and complex, so caution will be required.

The above is in reference to hauliers access to European markets , it does not negate the requirement for Customs procedures for the goods both in the UK and EU.

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UK to USA Freight

UK Freight to USA

Pallet Shipping from UK to USA

Milky Way Logistics Ltd is a freight forwarding service provider in the UK based in City of London. Among all different forwarding services that Milky Way Logistics is providing; is the expert solution of providing pallet shipping from UK to USA.

Any cargo from commercial loose to boxed to personal effects to any out of norm shapes could be packed on pallets of standard size which are more recognisable and more preferred by the transporters and carrier.

Milky Way Logistics Ltd, also offers the palletising service at the most competitive rates.

For any shipment of pallet from UK to USA all destinations, please try out the Request A Rate form on our web site and provide all required information about the shipment and our expert team will assist you with your shipment.

Airfreight service for Pallet Shipping from UK to USA

At Milky Way Logistics Ltd, we are offering professional airfreight service for your palletised goods when the volume is not so big but the transit time is an element to consider.

For all your shipment with time barriers when you need those to be shipped to USA at a very short transit time, we can help you to arrange quality airfreight service. It might not be the cheapest mode of service however the quality of service and the transit time is guaranteed to be the best.

For our airfreight service, we first provide you the rates as per the information we receive from you, and upon agreement on the costs we arrange collection of your goods from your origin that could be your door or suppliers warehouse or any site of your request and then we transfer to the airline storage at the airport for further formalities, measurement and documentation.

As per the actual measurements you will be invoiced and at the same time the shipment will be booked on a flight for its journey to the destination in USA.

All original documents are issued as per your instructions and any financial or credit contract requirements.

Pallet shipping to USA has never been any easier with the expertise of Milky Way Logistics.

Pallet shipping from UK to USA via Sea

Ocean shipping or transatlantic shipping of goods from UK to USA has been one of the most important routes in International shipping and trade.

Milky Way Logistics, provides first class service on ocean shipping. For all larger quantity of commodities where there are various number of pallets, you can rely on our ocean services where we offer container shipping through the best shipping lines of the World.

At this practice, you will be provided with the empty container where you can stuff all your pallets inside container and we return the stuffed container to the port yard for further formalities, weighing and documentation and booking on a vessel.

There are many specific rules and regulations for each export shipment via sea that at Milky Way Logistics; thanks to the experts experience and qualifications, everything is taken care of and you do not have to worry as your goods are in safe hands up until the destination.

Just like the airfreight service, you will be provided with all original shipping documents that are the identity of your shipment and you will be able to release your shipment at the destination port.

Therefore for any shipments from UK to USA including palletised shipment and any small or large volumes please contact us today at [email protected] or just fill in the form of Request A Rate on our web site and you will be assisted by one of our expert team.




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Procurement predictions for 2019

As per the SM there are following key trends for the procurement this year:

  • – Partnerships including strategic alliances to joint ventures to mergers and acquisitions would rise to its highest of all time
  • – For procurement having negative impacts from BREXIT and being in serious uncertainty and UK growth being hurt and continuous volatility in markets, one key solution to managing risks would be adaptability to changing requirements
  • – The technology march, AI and internet of things will continuously remain vital for investors in SM
  • – Strategic planning and regular assessment would be required for smooth running of the SM. – Transparency would become increasingly important for the SM agenda.
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Technology and Supply Chain Industry

No doubt, technology has taken the logistics industry to heights and solved its major challenges. As IT is evolving and tackling the problems of transportation, customer services has improvised and its all about moving goods to one point or another let’s say X to Y. With the help of technology, we can track our goods while transferring and ensure that it will reach to its destination on time. So Timely delivery is now a know where our goods location is while it is moving.
How technology helping Supply Chain industry?

How technology helping Supply Chain industry:

  1. Now sophisticated warehouses are empowered by robotics, labelling machines, high speed conveyors.
  2. Drivers get pre-planned route on mobiles or computers to deliver the goods.
  3. Tracking of Goods location
  4. Saving time, fuel, space as logistics are now running by ERPS and Applications.
  5. Freights are lower now due to fierce competition.

However, there are still many improvements needed to improve the supply chain. For instance, logistics executives face challenges for minute-by-minute tracking of goods delivery in all parts of world. Another instance is the security of delivery when there are many concerns emerged like failing of systems, accidents due to increment in air traffic, sea level traffic, of course road traffic and security breaches of software.

Transportation is reaching to more sophisticated level by solving its core problems gradually and providing us a seamless transferring, delivery on time.

Milky Way Logistics UK is a global leading player in logistics working for several years and is one of the top companies of the field in the UK. We have top level executives who have enriched experience in supply chain and Transportation industry who takes care of transportation of goods with great care.

Give us a chance to assist you and we ensure timely affordable shipment. Share your requirements and we will get back to you with the quote ASAP. You can also reach us at
+44 203-598-6306 or [email protected].

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The International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX)

News for all Supply chain Managers and Exporters from UK

International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX) is one of the recognized event/exhibition in Logistics Industry and many big guns will be showing up and discuss on various issues in Supply & chain area in this fierce competition. This event takes place in every three years where many professional from the same expertise meets and do the following:

  1. Showcase their creative ideas and innovation
  2. Connect with large no. of professionals, suppliers, exporters
  3. Meet and discuss on Logistics challenges.


The next edition of IMHX takes place from 24 – 27 September 2019 at NEC, Birmingham

By mwll in EventsPosted May 23, 2017 at 7:01 AM The International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX)
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Green Logistics Solutions

Green Logistics Solutions

A green way of doing successful business

Green Logistics Solutions
Climate and weather change is one of the biggest obstacles observing our generation. Increasingly consumers and authorities wish business to calculate, accounting for and decrease environmental impacts and their emissions.

Carbon accounting is a modern science and no single way is there of doing it. With MWLL’s wide span of green services and products, MWLL’s Go-Green solution can assist you through the procedures you will require to optimize and balance your greenhouse gas emissions with full transparency, conveniently, and reliably.

Greening supply chain can decrease your expenses seriously, not to mention assist you develop for key codification on carbon emissions in force in many countries already.

There are many methods to decrease emissions inside the supply chain.

  • We are specialists in eco-friendly logistics movements
  • We work cooperatively with you to make customized solutions
  • MWLL aims to enhance efficiency measures and reduce your logistics related emissions and environmental impacts


Specific sections of opportunity include:

  • Fleet optimization
  • Fuel and vehicle management
  • Network design
  • Modal shift
  • Energy efficient real estate
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How to Pack and Ship at the Same Time?

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