No doubt, technology has taken the logistics industry to heights and solved its major challenges. As IT is evolving and tackling the problems of transportation, customer services has improvised and its all about moving goods to one point or another let’s say X to Y. With the help of technology, we can track our goods while transferring and ensure that it will reach to its destination on time. So Timely delivery is now a know where our goods location is while it is moving.
How technology helping Supply Chain industry?

How technology helping Supply Chain industry:

  1. Now sophisticated warehouses are empowered by robotics, labelling machines, high speed conveyors.
  2. Drivers get pre-planned route on mobiles or computers to deliver the goods.
  3. Tracking of Goods location
  4. Saving time, fuel, space as logistics are now running by ERPS and Applications.
  5. Freights are lower now due to fierce competition.

However, there are still many improvements needed to improve the supply chain. For instance, logistics executives face challenges for minute-by-minute tracking of goods delivery in all parts of world. Another instance is the security of delivery when there are many concerns emerged like failing of systems, accidents due to increment in air traffic, sea level traffic, of course road traffic and security breaches of software.

Transportation is reaching to more sophisticated level by solving its core problems gradually and providing us a seamless transferring, delivery on time.

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