UK to Netherlands

Shipping Container UK to Netherlands

One of the most popular services in freight forwarding field is to move containers. Since containers are one of the most commonly used packaging for shipping and known as the standard within the industry. Therefore, there are more demand for packing goods in containers and moving them to destinations. As a result, moving containers is one of the most required service in freight industry.

Once the shipment has been agreed, the first requirement is to load the container and for loading goods into empty container one need to move the empty container from container yard to the shipper’s loading site and this is the first place moving container come to a need.

Upon completion of loading and stuffing the container the next there is the requirement of moving the full container back to the container yard.

Milky Way Logistics can provide you with both services of moving empty container from the container yard to your loading site and returning full container to the container yard at port.

For any shipping requirement for UK to Netherlands also you may wish to get quotation rate from Milky Way Logistics.

There are cases where the container wouldn’t travel by a ship but will go all the way from origin to destination on the truck. This is for the shipments between landlocked countries or those with a short distance like between UK and Netherlands which is much quicker to deliver the container on the truck over the lands.

Milky Way Logistics can offer bespoke freight service including but not limited to shipping containers from UK to Netherlands.

In this service you nominate the loading site and number of containers required and at Milky Way Logistics booking will be made and arrangements will be done to provide you with the empty container at your loading site.

This is the responsibility of the shipper or consignor to assure the goods are being loaded are allowed to be discharged at the destinations and the packings are meeting the requirements of destination and also those are appropriate for shipping.

One of the reasons that there are loads of demands for shipping container from UK to Netherlands and vice versa, is the most popular shipping ports of UK and the Netherlands however another most important reason is the proximity of the two countries and short transit time for the overland deliveries between the two countries of UK and Netherlands.

If you are looking for moving some goods from UK to Netherlands or the other way, whether those are for some commercial purpose or they are personal effects that fit in container, please contact Milky Way Logistics today and you will be offered our best bespoke service which is tailor made to best meet your requirements and always at most competitive rates.