Trying to handle the “Amazon Effect”?
Numerous logistics network are trading with the “Amazon effect,” and that has led customers to demand free and fast delivery times with 100% order reliability and accuracy, and last-moment order changes. While generally noticed as just a retail issue and these types of demands have been enlarged to the B2B environment as well.

Handling the Amazon effect needs an expert of solutions, but a TMS (transportation management system) is commonly ignored. A transportation management system (TMS) is essential for the completion of an order, and especially this is true as shipment sizes shrink and order sequences shorten. Any shipping organizer would agree that if the behaviors of the consumer are not managed properly, they can drive up costs.

If you are worried about the expectations and demands around your deliveries and orders, point of the solution may be at your fingertips literally. But you should note that not all transportation management system (TMS) will be able to manage the options and scenarios we mentioned below. Only multi-modal transportation management system that was developed in the last many years will have the flexibility and architecture to respond in such kind of dynamic environment.


  1. Real-time planning
  2. Leveraging pool distribution
  3. Optimizing your distribution network


When it all about the Amazon effect of faster delivery expectations, little orders, or other consumers demands, don’t overlook your TMS. A modern transportation management system with the perfect design can work in real-time and dynamically to assist you enhance routes, deliveries, and your consumers’ experience.