In “Risky Business: How AI Can Cut Marine Losses,” an article penned by Osher Perry and published on November 5, 2023, the maritime industry is presented with a sobering reality as the holiday season approaches. The sector, still reeling from the financial pressures of inflation, is grappling with increased insurance premiums, which have surged by approximately 10% since February 2023. Perry, the CEO and Co-Founder of ShipIn Systems, delves into the root causes of these financial burdens, highlighting the escalating risk of mechanical failures due to the massive scale of modern container ships, which has not been matched by an increase in crew sizes.


The narrative Perry presents is one where overworked sailors face the Herculean task of maintaining the behemoths of the seas, escalating the likelihood of maritime mishaps. These incidents, ranging from minor damages to catastrophic events, form a daunting queue of insurance claims, with the most expensive 1% of claims consuming a staggering 30% of the total claim value annually.


Perry underscores the value of data sharing as a strategic tool in preemptive loss prevention. He spotlights initiatives like the West P&I’s Neptune data portal, which arms bridge crews and fleet managers with vital weather and security data for safer voyage planning. The utilization of advanced AI technologies, such as real-time monitoring via onboard CCTV systems, is also championed by Perry as a means to enhance maritime safety and efficiency, significantly reducing the likelihood and potential impact of at-sea incidents.

AI in Shipping

AI in Shipping

Despite the availability of these cutting-edge solutions, Perry points to the challenge of broader adoption within the industry. He advocates for a cultural shift towards transparency and intelligent system integration in maritime operations. The ultimate goal, as Perry sees it, is a synergy between shipowners and insurers, grounded in an honest exchange of events, which will not only prevent incidents but also mitigate the financial strain of rising insurance and incident-related costs.


As a leader in maritime innovation, Perry’s insights offer a path forward for an industry at the crossroads of tradition and technology, where the embrace of AI could herald a new era of safety and fiscal prudence.


Amidst the complexities of maritime operations, AI emerges as a beacon of progress, bridging the gap between risk and resilience. Osher Perry, an industry vanguard, advocates for this digital renaissance, emphasizing the transformative power of AI in enhancing maritime safety. Through real-time analytics and predictive intelligence, AI platforms promise a sea change in how the industry anticipates and navigates potential perils. Perry’s vision is a testament to the potential of technology to not only streamline operations but to redefine the parameters of maritime security and efficiency. As the industry confronts fiscal and physical challenges, AI stands as a pivotal ally, charting a course towards a more secure and cost-effective future.


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