Response Strategies Amidst Red Sea Crisis



Red Sea Crisis

Red Sea Crisis 2024

The current circumstances in the Red Sea have led to significant changes in maritime shipping routes. Shipping companies are actively avoiding this region and are redirecting their vessels to alternative paths as a feasible option. This strategic shift is anticipated to have a considerable effect on the transit times of shipments, inevitably resulting in disruptions and delays. These delays are, regrettably, out of our control and are a direct consequence of the prevailing situation in the area.


In response to these challenges, all shipping carriers have implemented additional charges, including contingency and peak season surcharges. These measures are a direct reaction to the complications arising from the avoidance of the Red Sea route. At Milky Way L:ogistics, we are closely monitoring these developments and are dedicated to minimizing any potential increases in pricing where we can, although the scope for doing so may be limited.


This situation has also had a ripple effect on the availability of shipping space, particularly affecting routes from China to the European Union. We are currently witnessing a reduction of approximately 30% in available space on vessels designated for January sailings. This shortage is an indicator that shipping rates are likely to continue their upward trajectory. Moreover, carriers are grappling with a notable scarcity of equipment, especially the 40HQ containers from NINGBO, impacting most of the major shipping lines.


For clients with urgent shipments that need to be dispatched before the Chinese New Year holidays, it is crucial to book as early as possible. We are expecting the rates to escalate further in the third and fourth weeks of January. To address any specific concerns or to discuss these issues in more detail, we encourage our clients to reach out to our commercial team at [email protected]. Your understanding and cooperation in these challenging times are greatly appreciated as we navigate through these unprecedented disruptions in the shipping industry.

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