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Road Transport in UK

Road transport is one of the most important part of every freight network, supply chain system and logistics management structure. As it not only provides solution for transport needs between the suppliers’ and consumers’ point as the main mode of transport but also provides links for different transport modes over sea, air and rail.

Road Transport in UK

British Road transport has been facilitated with a radial road network of over 2100 miles of motorways and over 29,000 miles of main roads.

Just like the cargo for road transport that has variety of types and sizes and characteristics, there are various types of trucks that could provide solution for all cargo types over land transport. Different types of trucks range from box trailers, to curtain siders, to mega trucks, to open tops, to reefers create the formation of every road transport in UK.
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The integrated transport network in the UK, is fully regulated by the government and there are several essentials to consider for carrying out shipment by trucks over roads which are including but not limited to

  • Driver Documentation
  • Vehicle Documentation
  • Insurance certification
  • Weight limitations
  • Green plates
  • Emission controls
  • Road consignment notes
  • CMR
  • RHA and FTA requirements
  • Custom
  • Permits for road haulage
  • Transhipments
  • Inter-modals
  • Multi-modals


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Road Transport in UK, London Transport Company, UK Transportation Companies


Road Transport in UK, London Transport Company, UK Transportation Companies