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Milky Way Logistics at BIFA Awards

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Procurement predictions for 2019

As per the SM there are following key trends for the procurement this year:

  • – Partnerships including strategic alliances to joint ventures to mergers and acquisitions would rise to its highest of all time
  • – For procurement having negative impacts from BREXIT and being in serious uncertainty and UK growth being hurt and continuous volatility in markets, one key solution to managing risks would be adaptability to changing requirements
  • – The technology march, AI and internet of things will continuously remain vital for investors in SM
  • – Strategic planning and regular assessment would be required for smooth running of the SM. – Transparency would become increasingly important for the SM agenda.
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Technology and Supply Chain Industry

No doubt, technology has taken the logistics industry to heights and solved its major challenges. As IT is evolving and tackling the problems of transportation, customer services has improvised and its all about moving goods to one point or another let’s say X to Y. With the help of technology, we can track our goods while transferring and ensure that it will reach to its destination on time. So Timely delivery is now a know where our goods location is while it is moving.
How technology helping Supply Chain industry?

How technology helping Supply Chain industry:

  1. Now sophisticated warehouses are empowered by robotics, labelling machines, high speed conveyors.
  2. Drivers get pre-planned route on mobiles or computers to deliver the goods.
  3. Tracking of Goods location
  4. Saving time, fuel, space as logistics are now running by ERPS and Applications.
  5. Freights are lower now due to fierce competition.

However, there are still many improvements needed to improve the supply chain. For instance, logistics executives face challenges for minute-by-minute tracking of goods delivery in all parts of world. Another instance is the security of delivery when there are many concerns emerged like failing of systems, accidents due to increment in air traffic, sea level traffic, of course road traffic and security breaches of software.
Transportation is reaching to more sophisticated level by solving its core problems gradually and providing us a seamless transferring, delivery on time.
Milky Way Logistics UK is a global leading player in logistics working for several years and is one of the top companies of the field in the UK. We have top level executives who have enriched experience in supply chain and Transportation industry who takes care of transportation of goods with great care.

Give us a chance to assist you and we ensure timely affordable shipment. Share your requirements and we will get back to you with the quote ASAP. You can also reach us at
+44 203-598-6306 or

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The International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX)


News for all Supply chain Managers and Exporters from UK

International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX) is one of the recognized event/exhibition in Logistics Industry and many big guns will be showing up and discuss on various issues in Supply & chain area in this fierce competition. This event takes place in every three years where many professional from the same expertise meets and do the following:

  1. Showcase their creative ideas and innovation
  2. Connect with large no. of professionals, suppliers, exporters
  3. Meet and discuss on Logistics challenges.


The next edition of IMHX takes place from 24 – 27 September 2019 at NEC, Birmingham

By mwll in EventsPosted May 23, 2017 at 7:01 AM The International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX)
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Green Logistics Solutions

A green way of doing successful business

Green Logistics Solutions
Climate and weather change is one of the biggest obstacles observing our generation. Increasingly consumers and authorities wish business to calculate, accounting for and decrease environmental impacts and their emissions.

Carbon accounting is a modern science and no single way is there of doing it. With MWLL’s wide span of green services and products, MWLL’s Go-Green solution can assist you through the procedures you will require to optimize and balance your greenhouse gas emissions with full transparency, conveniently, and reliably.

Greening supply chain can decrease your expenses seriously, not to mention assist you develop for key codification on carbon emissions in force in many countries already.

There are many methods to decrease emissions inside the supply chain.

  • We are specialists in eco-friendly logistics movements
  • We work cooperatively with you to make customized solutions
  • MWLL aims to enhance efficiency measures and reduce your logistics related emissions and environmental impacts


Specific sections of opportunity include:

  • Fleet optimization
  • Fuel and vehicle management
  • Network design
  • Modal shift
  • Energy efficient real estate
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How to Pack and Ship at the Same Time?

How to Pack and Ship at the Same Time?

Whether you are a warehouse supervisor or operations manager in charge of the daily movement of outbound and inbound warehouse actions or storeroom operations, and understanding how you can simultaneously pack and ship is important to maintaining and improving an effective supply chain.

Here are some points you need to think about first before you execute your actions upside-down.

It’s All About the Setup

The process of packing and shipping integration can be a powerful solution; both operations come with intrinsic pain points that make process more complicate.

For example, packers can waste a lot of time to pack a consignment and shift it to a particular shipping place. Also, absence of integration with packing and shipping practices on the warehouse can slow down the entire procedure or method, no matter how effective other features may be.

Your workflow can be improved with the perfect set-up. For instance, you can drive the packing applications on the warehouse, pack your products, and then move over to a shipping place application on the same warehouse, in place of having all application separate. The idea is to pack and ship in such a way that is both smart and efficient.

To enhance your work flows, ensure that you have what you require to run efficiently your packing and shipping procedure. With the perfect systems at your arrangement, you will be able to boost performance of operations, relieve the worry of necessary workers training, and observe savings in both time and cost.

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Trying to handle the “Amazon Effect”? Do not omit your transportation management system (TMS)

Trying to handle the “Amazon Effect”?
Numerous logistics network are trading with the “Amazon effect,” and that has led customers to demand free and fast delivery times with 100% order reliability and accuracy, and last-moment order changes. While generally noticed as just a retail issue and these types of demands have been enlarged to the B2B environment as well.

Handling the Amazon effect needs an expert of solutions, but a TMS (transportation management system) is commonly ignored. A transportation management system (TMS) is essential for the completion of an order, and especially this is true as shipment sizes shrink and order sequences shorten. Any shipping organizer would agree that if the behaviors of the consumer are not managed properly, they can drive up costs.

If you are worried about the expectations and demands around your deliveries and orders, point of the solution may be at your fingertips literally. But you should note that not all transportation management system (TMS) will be able to manage the options and scenarios we mentioned below. Only multi-modal transportation management system that was developed in the last many years will have the flexibility and architecture to respond in such kind of dynamic environment.

  1. Real-time planning
  2. Leveraging pool distribution
  3. Optimizing your distribution network

When it all about the Amazon effect of faster delivery expectations, little orders, or other consumers demands, don’t overlook your TMS. A modern transportation management system with the perfect design can work in real-time and dynamically to assist you enhance routes, deliveries, and your consumers’ experience.

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The Road Transport System: its benefits and drawbacks

The Road Transport System: its benefits and drawbacks

The Road Transport System: its benefits and drawbacks

The services of Road transport are carried out throughout the Nation & around the World with vehicles ranging from small delivery vans to large road trains. The loading ability is either an exchange body that can be moved to another method of transport, typically sea or air, or fixed on the vehicle. Road transportation benefits are its mobility and capacity to move far out to clients and the safety of goods because a driver always involved is there.

The capacity of a shipment can range between a bundle up to a full truckload. The boundaries are the loading ability, based on road load carrying ability and a maximized range of vehicles, and driver’s dependence. Additionally, increasing traffic jam complications is a disadvantage in some regions.

Below are some benefits and drawbacks of Road Transport:

Road transport has various benefits comparison to other approaches of transport:

  • Less Capital Expenditure
  • Service in Rural Region
  • Door to Door Solution
  • Appropriate for Short Distance
  • Flexible Solution
  • Saving in Packing Cost
  • Lesser possibility of Damage in transport
  • Less Price
  • Rapid Speed
  • Feeder to other Modes of Transit
  • Private Owned Vehicles

In spite of numerous merits, motor/road has few serious boundaries:

  • Breakdowns and Accidents: More possibilities of breakdowns and accidents in case of road transport.
  • Seasonal Nature: During flood and rainy season, roads become unsafe and unsuitable for use.
  • Slow Speed: The speed of road transport is generally limited and slow.
  • Unfit for Bulky Traffic and Long Distance.
  • Deficiency of Organization: The road/motor transport is generally less organised.


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IRISL is Back in Europe

irisl_100815The Iranian Shipping Firm (IRISL) has announced dispatch of an Iranian flag containership to Europe for the first time after five years of sanctions. The ports of calls have not yet been disclosed but as per IRISL MD, Mr. Mohamad Saeidi, there are plans for the firm to initiate regular services from the PG to Latin America and East Asia and possibly North America (if sanctions are lifted by Canada, too). The Iranian shipping firm, has a capacity of 100,000 TEU with further developing plans of ordering thousands more, according to Alphaliner.

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Rail Freight China-Iran

The first train of 32 containers from China called Tehran earlier this week to revive the historical Silk route. The journey of over 10,000 Kilometres from Yiwcontainer_trainu in East China (through Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan), took 14 days which is around 30 days less than the sea freight from Shanghai to Bandar Abbas. The officials of both China and Iran disclosed that there are plans of setting up monthly rail freight service from China to Iran that could ultimately be continued through to Europe forming Tehran to a transit hub between the two regions. Following the economic slump of China, the economists assume Iran as the main target of China for their economic trade policy of One Belt, One Road.

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