Container Shipping from UK to

Shipping has never been easier by the containerisation. Container Shipping being so inexpensive and so reliable was the most important revolution in shipping. Containerisation first started in 1956 with the idea of saving time and money in loading and unloading by packing goods in a single box. Container shipping started its growth in 1970s, is now pacing so fast with the global GDP and growing well.

Containers are the devices that could contain any goods for storage and transportation and the sizes and shapes are standard.

Cargo and interest to move consignments via container shipping has been developing in the recent years.

The revolution of containerisation has made it possible to move more quantities in a single ship as now some ships are as tall as a ten storey building loaded by containers and millions of tonnage of cargo of any kind.

Moving cargo with mega ships loaded with a mountain of cargo from and to points that are miles away.

Packing up the cargo in standard containers has made it much easier to ship goods as there are now many different types of cargos from many different origins combined together on a single ship to be delivered to many different destinations.

Any cargo, from condiments to cargo, glass, metal, paper, wood, televisions, carpets, cars, computers, just about anything in a single box and just from any origin to any destination and in most reasonable prices.

In container shipping, the containers are designed to load Upto 20 tones of goods in one single box.

The size of the boxes are standard all over the World and those are in 20ft, 40ft and 45ft.

UK has been very well connected to the container shipping networks via its complex and developed ports of Felixstowe, Southampton, London Gateway, Tilbury , Liverpool, Tees port and many other to all most any destination in the World from as close as Belgium, Germany and France and Spain to as far as India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong and Japan.

Container shipping has made it possible to move the perishable and fresh foods to very far destinations at very low cost that could have been melted and cooked in the sun without those refrigerated devices. Refrigerated goods could be shipped in refrigerated containers called reefers. There is possibility of moving freezed goods as well in those containers (reefers) that could go as below as -65 which are called super freezers.